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04 Aug 2017
Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek

The differences between advertising and marketing.

Many people think advertising and marketing are nearly the same things, often using the words interchangeably. And while the goal of both is to provide an RIO for a product or service, they are quite different. Advertising is much narrower than marketing. It’s about taking one, specific service, product or brand and advertising it through […]

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26 Apr 2017
Should you use an SSL on your website?

Should my website use HTTPS?

Should you buy an SSL (HTTPS) certificate for your website? In short, yes. Whether or not you’re selling products online and taking payments, your website should be utilizing an SSL certificate. Why you SHOULD use an SSL certificate. Google Security blog post titled Moving towards a more secure web, Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Team, states that Beginning in […]

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21 Apr 2017
Snapchat Ghost Logo

Snapchat’s tracking your foot traffic for it’s advertisers.

Snap-to-store is a feature Snapchat’s built into their App that allows them to track and analyze a users’ foot traffic through its’ location-based features via Geofilters and Stories (the wall users post their snap’s on). Here’s how it works, more or less: A business creates and purchases a Geofilter. It then ties that filter it to a brick-and-mortar […]

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13 Mar 2017
times square

Summary: Neuroscience study finds ads on Pandora outperform TV & radio spots

Short summary: Neuroscience study finds ads on Pandora outperform TV & radio spots Neuro-Insight (a neuro-marketing company — how cool is that), measured people’s brain activity in real time while they were exposed to ads while listening to their playlists. They found that audio advertisements triggered a better emotional response related to long-term memory (Swant, Marty).

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16 Jan 2017
better website

The ultimate top 10 list how to build a better website

Create a website with a purpose You should have a clear idea of what your want your website to achieve for you before you begin designing the layout and look it — have a goal. You need to ask yourself this question: Why am I building this site? Here are two common scenarios: a) you […]

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16 Jan 2017

Brand Image

Every major corporation around the world has advertising teams and art director’s micromanaging every aspect of their business’s image. The layout of their website, the fonts they pick, the colour and theme of their online and offline advertisements; all of that is scrutinized and crafted to ensure that their brand is portraying the image they […]

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