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Logo design styles

Logo Design StylesLogo design: a short brief.A logo design creates a face for your company. This face allows people to connect with it, allowing them to feel a personal relationship between it and them. An example of this relationship is in how easily we begin praising and blaming companies as a whole as opposed to the […]

Intro to graphic design styles part 5: typography

Intro to graphic design styles part 5:TypographyTypography is the art of styling words and fonts by using techniques to adjust stylistic variations in a layout. What’s changed by these stylistic variations is a font’s appeal, or how appealing is it to look at, and it’s legibility, from somewhat illegible (think graffiti) to easily read (think […]

Intro to graphic design styles part 4: art deco

Intro to graphic design styles part 4:Art DecoArt deco: a style that screams glamour, luxury, exuberance, modernity.Art Deco is a movement that arose during the 1920s. The performance of infusing everyday objects into art made this style a symbol of modern luxury. It’s incredible popularity, as with any popular movement, influenced many disciplines, including graphic […]

Portfolio Feature, Logo Design, Moore & Russell

Portfolio Feature:Logo Design.Moore & Russell.We updated Moore & Russell’s business (founded in 1963) with a modern logo design and re-brand that could be applied across all their entire media platform. Their primary concern was that the logo lacked visual stimulation. Originally, the logo consisted of the Moore & Russel name in Helvetica Regular font with […]

Intro to graphic design styles part 3: minimalist graphic design

Intro to graphic design styles part 3:Minimalist graphic designMinimalist graphic design and your business.A minimalist graphic design is defined as a design piece that only utilizes the essential, expressive elements. Less is truly more. If you maintain a simple, clean and open layout, you allow the person viewing it to take in the entire design […]

Graphic Design Styles Part 2, Vintage and Retro

Intro to graphic design styles part 2:Vintage & retro Borrowing from the past with vintage and retro graphic style Vintage and Retro graphic design styles are loosely defined as any style that borrows from the past. However, the past is relative. Most of the clients I work with associate vintage and retro with the 50s […]