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Missing or empty title tags | SEO Tutorials

Missing or empty title tags.SEO Tutorials A title tag is a HTML element which titles the page (surprise!). This is important because the title is displayed to the user in Google’s SERPs (i.e, search). Without a clear, accurate, targeted title, people won’t click through to your website.   

How do web designers make websites (coding)?

How do web designers make websites (basic coding examples)Web developers use various different platforms and kinds of  code to develop websites. At base, all of them use a combination of HTML and CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheet). From there, depending on the projects preference and needs, designers might also use PHP and Javascript (to […]

What's the difference between web design & web development?

What is the difference between web design and web development? According to my keyword research (SEO stuff!), the broad terms web design and web development are nearly interchangeable. Both boast near equal amounts of monthly traffic and both branch out into similar long-tail keywords. This hints that the general public might not see a difference […]

How to create a social media following

How to create a social media following. Participate in online conversations:Every post related to your topic of choice allows you to interact with people who are posting and sharing content with the same interests (for example, supporting the #bees trend). If you’re stuck with the how, try imagining you’re at a party bumping into people […]

How to optimize Headers H1 - H6 | SEO Tutorials

How to optimize Headers H1 – H6 | SEO Tutorials Here’s the easiest way to optimize your web page’s header tags: structure them as you would a book, essay or short article. Unsure how to do this?? Here’s some why and how.

How to handle duplicate content | SEO Tutorials

How to handle duplicate content, like duplicate pages, titles & headings.SEO Tutorials The definition of Duplicate Content. Your content’s flagged as duplicate content by search engines when it’s found on other pages within your own domain or found on someone else’s website. I’d also like to add that the content doesn’t need to be identical […]