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A SEO's guide to Google Analytics terms

A SEO’s guide to Google Analytics terms (a brief intro) Google Analytics’ a powerful tool for data-minded people. But if you don’t understand what the individual terms the tool uses mean, you won’t be able to use the data effectively. Now, this isn’t going to be a complete, in-depth article. It’s simply a selection of […]

What are CSS Media Queries?

What are CSS Media Queries?CSS Media queries are snippets of code web developers use for building responsive websites. They work by triggering certain conditions based on the MEDIA used to access the web page (see what I did there?). For example, we would code one set of conditions for a desktop, and use media queries […]

What is responsive web design

What is responsive web design?Ever since carrying a cell phone became as important as carrying a wallet, the mobile version of a website has been a critical part of web design. You might not know this, but nearly half of a website’s traffic is mobile traffic. So it isn’t all that surprising that web developers […]

Google Is Removing Third Party Cookies by 2022

Google Is Removing Third Party Cookies by 2022 A quick summary. Google’s replacing third-party cookies with browser-based tools. They say their goal is to increase user privacy and personalization. What are third-party cookies? A third-party cookie’s a cookie that’s downloaded to your computer by your browser from a website OTHER than the one you’re visiting. […]

Web Design Agency vs. Web Development Agency

What’s the difference between a Web design agency vs. web development agency?I’d argue that as far as the general public is concerned, the differences between web design agencies and web development agencies are near nothing. But there is value in knowing the broad differences between the two. And in order to better understand it, let’s […]

Missing or empty title tags | SEO Tutorials

Missing or empty title tags.SEO Tutorials A title tag is a HTML element which titles the page (surprise!). This is important because the title is displayed to the user in Google’s SERPs (i.e, search). Without a clear, accurate, targeted title, people won’t click through to your website.