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Top 7 Small business web design mistakes

Top 7 Small business web design mistakes. A user-friendly website is your most powerful tool for your marketing efforts when you’re a small business owner. And a large part of this is making sure that users landing on your website have all of their questions answered in regards to your product(s)/service(s). If it’s designed wrong, […]

Why does user experience in website design matter?

Why does user experience matter in website design? UX critically affects the success or failure of your website. If the user finds the website intuitive to navigate and the content easy to digest, it will positively assist your marketing efforts. If not, well…

Colour theory and its emotional associations

 Colour theory and its emotional associations.Being able to settle on a single colour for a design is a difficult task. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of how colours affect our emotional response after reading this article.Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have an in-depth psychological relationship with colours; it […]

What is UX or the user experience?

What is UX / user experience?The UX or the user experience is how a person’s attitude and emotions relates to a product or system.The context for understanding where the UX / user experience fits in.In recent years there’s been extremely high competition in how people interact with computer applications, mobile apps and web development. And […]

Why is logo design important?

Why is logo design important?First impressions count:Whenever I sit down to have a first meeting with a new or potential client, the saying,you never get a second chance to make a first impression, pops up in my mind. Deep down I feel most people understand that on some days we’re simply not at our best. […]

How to know when to update your logo

How to know when to update your logo design.There are many reasons why you need to consider updating your business’ logo design. Here are a few reasons that we think are important.The first reason you want to consider updating your logo: your business has grown.When your business started, it was young and new to the […]