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Brand Consistency, a few tips.

Brand consistency, a few tips. The first rule of building a successful brand is to create a unique design style that helps distinguish a company’s products or services from its competitors. There’s a second, crucial rule: never change your brand’s style until it’s absolutely necessary. Brand consistency is an important rule of brand management The […]

Website landing pages, a short brief.

Web site landing pages. A short brief. A landing page is what we call a person’s initial point of entry onto your web site. And this initial point of entry is extremely important to online advertisers who are interested in tracking and reporting their successes to their clients. For advertisers, the landing page needs to […]

Are free logo designs worth it?

Are free logo designs worth it?Many business owners ask themselves if a free logo design is better than a paid one. This short article will provide you with some information to help you make a more educated decision.The first thing you realize when you’re starting a new business is that costs add up quickly. So, […]

What illustrations are in relation to your business

What illustration are in relation to your businessAn illustration becomes a part of the business’ brand image when it’s used on it’s media, like it’s logo, brochure and business cards. Illustrations are used in advertising because they convey an instantly recognizable message. You can set the mood, tone, and style in one glance.Illustrations, sketches, drawings, […]

Is PageRank Important Anymore? | SEO Tutorials

Is PageRank Important Anymore?SEO TutorialsPagerank is formula that Google uses to judge the value of a page. The value of each page is determined by the quantity and quality of the pages linking towards it and and outwards from it. For example, if you have a page on spriggets, and many people are linking to […]

How broken links and 404's affect my web site | SEO Tutorials

How broken links and 404’s affect my web site. What is a 404 HTTP error? A 404 HTTP error is a the error code your browser returns when you follow a link to a page that doesn’t exist (or that you’ve miss-spelled). You’ll find broken links over the web. And, to be honest, they’re not […]