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Portfolio Feature, Logo & Brand Identity Creation, Rock & Roll Driving School

Portfolio Feature:Brand Identity.Logo Creation.Rock & Roll Driving School.This client already had a clear vision of what they wanted to have incorporated into their logo design, as well how they would like to see the branding applied to their media and promotions. After a brief consultation over the phone, I knew I could knock this design […]

Portfolio Feature, Brand Identity Creation, Papa Greek

Portfolio Feature:Brand Identity.Papa Greek.The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity for a start-up restaurant chain. The message they want their brand to convey is: high-quality restaurant food given at fast-food speeds. This meant that the they needed a clean, easy-to-identify brand that could be used across their entire offline and […]

Logo design styles

Logo Design StylesLogo design: a short brief.A logo design creates a face for your company. This face allows people to connect with it, allowing them to feel a personal relationship between it and them. An example of this relationship is in how easily we begin praising and blaming companies as a whole as opposed to […]

Intro to graphic design styles part 5: typography

Intro to graphic design styles part 5: TypographyTypography is the art of styling words and fonts by using techniques to adjust stylistic variations in a layout. What’s changed by these stylistic variations is a font’s appeal, or how appealing is it to look at, and it’s legibility, from somewhat illegible (think graffiti) to easily read […]

Intro to graphic design styles part 4: art deco

Intro to graphic design styles part 4: Art DecoArt Deco: a style that screams glamour, luxury, exuberance, modernity. Art Deco is a movement that arose during the 1920s. The performance of infusing everyday objects into art made this style a symbol of modern luxury. It’s incredible popularity, as with any popular movement, influenced many disciplines, […]

Portfolio Feature, Logo Design, Moore & Russell

Portfolio Feature:Logo Design.Moore & Russell.We updated Moore & Russell’s business (founded in 1963) with a modern logo design and re-brand that could be applied across all their entire media platform. Their primary concern was that the logo lacked visual stimulation. Originally, the logo consisted of the Moore & Russel name in Helvetica Regular font with […]