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how to create a social media following

Participate in online conversations:

Every post related to your topic of choice allows you to interact with people who are posting and sharing content with the same interests (for example, supporting the #bees trend). If you're stuck with the how, try imagining you're at a party bumping into people having conversations. Be real. Its easy to spot someone trying to self promote for sales. Be engaging. Share resources, talk openly. If someone is interested in what you have to offer / say, they'll check out your profile. Some people will follow you. Some will even check out your website.

talk with start up influencers:

People with followings of 10,000 to 50,000 are starting to become influencers, but haven’t quite made it yet. This has a benefit. People in the pre-influencers stage aren't yet making a ton of money (upwards of 100k / year if you're interested), so they're more open to working with you and often charge much less to do it. Reaching out to them and offer something in exchange for a shout out or 5. Make it clear what the requirements are and follow up to make sure they have done as promised.

Also, once you have a good result with an influencer, reach out to them for assistance to run promotions and contests. This is where you can draft up a service agreement and exchange money for promotions.

And make sure to help them out too. Give them a shout out and say thank you on your page for someone taking an interest in you. Share a photo of them wearing a hat or bracelets, etc… You can also create a hashtag like #beescausefamily for everyone wearing your gear.


Create a post about a contest and pay to boost your post. Just make sure it follows Facebook's and Instagram’s guidelines. Make the prizes something that people are going to want. Give out a grand prize with some other supporting prizes. Make it free to enter, for example, post a photo of a bee with a hashtag you can follow/track. Reshare a graphic post to help raise awareness and enter to win.

You can find Instagram's promotion guidelines here:

get creative:

Content is King. Post more of what people are liking and engaging in. Remember what’s in it for them. People are going to follow you less because you're are a cause and more because it lines up with their interests.

maintain branding:

Social Media is prone to horrible graphics. Make sure your branding is stylized properly and matches your digital persona.

research your hashtags:

Make sure people are using and posting top trending hashtags.

targeting your audience:

it takes a bit of effort to discover who's supporting you. Everyone wants to default to the answer everyone is supporting me, but that is rarely the case.

promote on other platforms:

There are a lot of social media platforms to post on….. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Vine, Flickr, Buzznet….. Each have their own audience and rules to keep in mind.

find people to collab with:

When the movie Ironman came out, Marvel partnered with Burger King and Audi. Not only were those brands in the movie, they each added to the advertising budget and used the same content to cross-promote. By combining their efforts they reached 3x more people than doing it alone.

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