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How to know when to update your logo

There are many reasons why you need to consider updating your business' logo design. Here are a few reasons that we think are important. The first reason you want to consider updating your logo: your business has grown.

When your business started, it was young and new to the market place. Years have gone by, and you can see the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get where you are today. Now, looking back, you can see how much your business had shifted over the years to be as successful as it is.

Ask yourself this: does your logo represent what your business has shifted too? If your answer is no, it's time to start thinking about hiring an experienced logo designer.

The second reason you want to consider updating your logo: your market has changed.

We can often lose sight of our business' target audience. The market shifts, interests change, and some companies are left behind. Sometimes, when the market shifts the logo and the brand it represents are no longer in-line with each other. Here's another way of saying it: when the next generation of buyers look at your brand, does it still convey the same authority and trust in the industry that it always had? If not, it's time to consider a new logo design. A logo design that will recapture the new audiences while maintaining your brand's values.

The third reason you want to consider updating your logo: the logo design is outdated.

Just like everything else, a logo design can become outdated too. Now, a logo redesign can be expensive. However, the redesign can reset you ahead of your competition because they're too stuck in their ways to consider change, or it can help you keep up with other people willing to shift and change with the times. We understand that a logo is personal. But business' successfully reinvent themselves all the time. Many times, it breathes no life into the brand's image.

The fourth reason you want to consider updating your logo: your logo is DIY.

Some companies are bootstrapped together from $100 cash and a bit of wiggle room on a credit card. People are always trying to save money wherever they can, so, this is completely understandable. When people save money by designing their own logo, they risk missing the subtle influencing factors that professional designers put into a logo's design. This isn't to say a self-designed logo doesn't look right, but it might not be built properly. Your logo design needs to reflect the logo where your business is. Make sure your logo isn’t holding your business back.

The fifth reason you want to consider updating your logo: your logo has lost an edge over the competition.

This has something in common with reason three. Businesses are popping up and shutting down every day. The marketplace is constantly shifting. And everyone is using every imaginable tool to create a competitive advantage because of it. Ensure your business maintains that cutting edge and never let your competition outshine your business.

You've probably heard this before, but, maintaining your competitive edge never goes away. Knowing and understanding your market place provides you with a massive advantage. Just make sure you update the face of the business once in a while when the market calls for it.

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