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Intro to graphic design styles part 3, Minimalist graphic design

Intro to graphic design styles part 3, Minimalist graphic design

Publication Date: Sep 17th, 2021

Minimalist graphic design and your business.

A minimalist graphic design is defined as a design piece that only utilizes the essential, expressive elements. Less is truly more. If you maintain a simple, clean and open layout, you allow the person viewing it to take in the entire design in one glance.

Business owners tend to ask their designer to include every element of their business, i.e., it’s products, services, phone number and area(s) served, into whatever graphic they’re designing. It’s often the same for web sites: web designers are asked to stuff many elements into the home page, elements that are better split into multiple pages.

People expect this for different reasons. The two most common are that

  • they’re hoping to hit every audience at the same time.

  • they want to make sure whomever sees it sees everything.

In reality, audiences rarely need every service you offer and audiences aren’t that wide. Simply stated, people don’t care about every service you offer. They only care about the one they need right now. This is why minimalist designs that focus on one service or product often produce the best results. How to incorporate minimalist graphic design into your business' designs

Essential Elements: Limit the amount of visual information a viewer will need to process. One relevant photo and simple headline should be all it takes.

Limit your headlines: Make a strong statement and keep that statement narrow. They can learn more by reading more.

Strong Imagery: Capture attention with a powerful image with the highest quality.

White / Negative space: Leave breathing room around each object or text block allowing each part of the design to be viewed separately.

Remember, focus on what is the most important elements of your design and remove everything else.

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