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is web design still in demand in 2021?

Is web design still in demand in 2021? Absolutely. But the ways web designers and developers build websites has evolved. For example, rather than manually coding every aspect of a website, people have the choice to use CMS (Content Management Systems), like Wordpress, Magenta and Joomla. These often use pre-built themes, theme builders, and plugins (to name a few).

Other web developmerslike me (the guy writing this article) prefer manually coding the website if it fits with the clients needs and budget

so, what is web design?

'Web Design' is a pretty jargon-heavy term. And the answer to 'what it is' depends, unfortunately, on who you ask. There is no industry standard definition. Instead, web design is a bit of a catch-all term for various tasks and roles. Many of those roles are mistakenly assigned to them instead of web developers.

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