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Logo Design Styles

Logo Design Styles

Publication Date: Jun 22nd, 2021

A logo design creates a face for your company. This face allows people to connect with it, allowing them to feel a personal relationship between it and them. An example of this relationship is in how easily we begin praising and blaming companies as a whole as opposed to the individuals that make up their part. Businesses also create logos because the imagery provides a story — think: a pictures is worth a thousand words.

A good logo design separates businesses from their competitors. More importantly, a logo we’re familiar with even helps us with snap decisions when buying stuff — just think about the last time you walked down a grocery isle and scanned the shelves for one, specific brand.

Even though we have been exposed to logo designs our entire life, it doesn’t mean that we are all aware of the various styles a logo design can represent.

Logo Design is an abbreviation of the work logotype. It consists of a graphic element or symbol which can be combined with a name. It may also consist of stylized letters that in-themselves become a logo.

Here is a brief outline of various logo styles you can use to best represent your business.

Letter-mark: Letter-marks consist of a few letters, most commonly the company’s initials. You’ll recognize this most often with already-established companies, companies that are already very recognizable in their industry. Think “IBM”, which stands for International Business Machines. Another kind of company is one that has a long, detailed name that probably won’t be remembered. Think “NASA” which stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Word-mark: Word-mark’s consist of the word or business name being spelled out in a stylistic design. This brings more attention to the name of the business and allows the name itself to become the logo. Think “Coca-Cola, Google or Vans”.

Brand-mark: Brand-marks consist of a symbol or an icon with or without the company name. The symbol or icon, graphically speaking, should be stylized in a manner that is unique. Think “Pepsi, Nike or Apple”.

Letter-form: Similar to letter-marks, letter-forms consist of uniquely stylized, individual letters, that are more often the first letter in the company’s name. Think of the McDonalds golden arch “M”, the Airbnb designed “A” and the Beats by Dre “B".

The mascot or character used as a logo: These consist of a rendering or an illustration of a character/mascot. Characters and mascots become the actual face of the company, much like a spokes person. These can be stylized with minimalistically or contain a ton of detail. Think KFC’s Kernel Sanders, Playboy’s bunny icon or Geico’s lizard.

All logo designs can be made up in part of or by utilizing various combinations of all of the above listed styles. However, the main goal is to create a unique logo that your customers will immediately identify, not confuse with your competitors, and, most importantly, connect with.

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