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snapchat's tracking your foot traffic for its advertisers

Snap-to-store is a feature Snapchat’s built into their App that allows them to track and analyze a users’ foot traffic through its’ location-based features via Geofilters and Stories (the wall users post their snap’s on).

here’s how it works, more or less:

A business creates and purchases a Geofilter. It then ties that filter it to a brick-and-mortar location(s). After a user uses that Geofilter in that marked location by posting it on their Stories wall, Snapchat begins monitoring that users friends for 7 days. Friends who then go to that location within that time-frame are logged and a metric for ROI is created.

here’s a quote directly from the securities and exchange commission, feb 2, 2017:

“We recently developed our own Snap-to-Store measurement product using the location-based features of the Snapchat application to determine the increase in store visits after viewing an advertising campaign. For example, Wendy’s blanketed its U.S. stores with Sponsored Geofilters that promoted the Jalapeño Fresco Chicken Sandwich. We used our Snap-to-Store measurement methodology to report that the Sponsored Geofilter drove over 42,000 incremental people to a Wendy’s location within seven days of viewing the Sponsored Geofilter.” ~ Snap Inc. Form S-1, 113.

Source United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Form S-1

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