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top 7 small business web design mistakes

A user-friendly website is your most powerful tool for your marketing efforts when you're a small business owner. And a large part of this is making sure that users landing on your website have all of their questions answered in regards to your product(s)/service(s). If it's designed wrong, you will be missing out on sales opportunities and a loss of revenue.

If it's designed wrong, you will be missing out on sales opportunities and a loss of revenue. This is why you need to have an web design agency create it for you (shameless plug).

design your website for your audience, for real people:

People are the ones buying your services and reading your content. Despite this fact, web design and development instead often focuses on writing its content for search engines. It's much better to create a website that always revolves around the customer because it will net you a larger return on your investment -- after all, search engines aren't buying things. A few ways to do this is making sure the information a client is seeking is easy to find, and making sure you're talking about the benefits they can expect -- not about the features you offer.

avoid busy and flashy designs:

When a website lacks real user-driven content, it's filled with flashy elements. Over the top graphic design, video, flash elements, all of this negatively affects your page load time. Like we said above, your web design team needs to focus on valued content created for users. Having a website that looks great across mobile and desktop devices is an absolute necessity these days. Leave the special effects for the movies. Focus on creating great content.

never updating content:

Many small business owners make the mistake of wearing all the hats in their business. They spend all of their time working in their business rather than working work on their business. This typically leads to their website lacking regular updated content.

Maintaining your website with up-to-date, relevant content in your industry is one of the easiest ways to help grow your web authority, which in turn increase your page rank. If you have your finger on the pulse of your industry, you should be aware of all the new information coming out. Share it all with your clients. Use it to update your page content,. Create a blog post. Just make sure everything you post is relative to your industry.

trying to please everyone:

You can’t make everyone happy, so, focus on your niche. A this goes back to understanding your audience. Trying to cater to every type of person that lands on your website will create an underwhelming effect. Tailor your content to your largest audience.

the diy website:

There are certain rules in life that should go without saying. Never ask your plumber about medical advice; that’s what your doctor's for. The same logic is applied to design: If you do not have an extensive background in design, let a professional take care of the job. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

website lacks design for user experience:

When a user finds their way to your website, what are they supposed to do? Now, everyone wants to make a sale with the least amount of work required. So the question is this: how can your website help close that gap. Once again, we find ourselves talking about creating a website for the audience. They are looking for information, proof that you are qualified, assurance that you will deliver what they seek and to feel satisfied when they walk away. If your website is designed with those principles in mind, it should do most of the work for you.

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