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web site landing pages, a short brief

A landing page is what we call a person’s initial point of entry onto your web site. And this initial point of entry is extremely important to online advertisers who are interested in tracking and reporting their successes to their clients. For advertisers, the landing page needs to create enough interest to convince the user to take a specific action. The action depends on desired outcome, and each landing page is carefully designed to motivate the desired result.

here are a few different kinds of landing pages which bring about different kinds of results.

Lead capture landing pages: The sole purpose of this kind of landing page is to create or compile a list of potential clients that are looking for your products or services. Often referred to as a sales funnel, this kind of landing page uses permission-based marketing to incrementally lead up to the big ask, i.e., asking the person to make a purchase. The most common delivery tactic is to offer some free information, like an audio file, eBook, etc., and asking for their email. Once the person has entered their email address, they can download the free information which sets off a series of emails over the next few weeks offering more free information. This slow-drip of information builds trust and familiarity with the brand. This is important because the person is eventually notified of a big promotional offer (the big ask), and the they need that trust and familiarity to motivate the sale.

Microsites: A microsite is a small website often used by massive campaigns outlining a product/service offering. Even though the microsite is built up with more than a single landing page, the entire goal of the web site is to provide enough data and content designed to promote one unique offer. Some example web sites are new car promotions, a movie, and a new spin-off product in an already existing brand. One useful feature of microsites is that they can be used to determine if there is enough interest from a given audience, and data that a marketer can use to refine the style and content of the site to generate the best outcome for the advertising campaign.

Product / Service Page:i A product or service page is designed with the sole purpose to provide you, the user, with information about a product or service. This can be designed as a carefully lead sales pitch, or a as a brochure. But the goal, whatever the design, is to create a compelling, quality report that outlines all the details, benefits, and values of your offer. You’ll hopefully see the sales pitch aside high-quality photos to keep the prospect focused and to fill in what would take too long to say in words. Other aspects will include guarantees, employee testimonials or client reviews showcasing how amazing you and your products and services are.

So, is a landing page be beneficial to you?

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