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What is a buyer persona?

What is a buyer persona?

Publication Date: Nov 4th, 2021

A buyer's persona represents your ideal customer through character creation. It allows you to understand common traits, characteristics, personality types, standard demographics, and expected behaviours. As a result, your advertising will be personalized, targeted and accurate. In addition, running multiple campaigns at once will be easier because you've identified different buyer personas.

Why are buyer personas important?

Creating buyer personas helps develop relevant, targeted advertising that speaks to people personally. By 'targeted' I mean 'personalized.'

Personalization or targeted advertising

You might have noticed that many large companies have thrown around the word 'personalization.' This is the term 'targeted advertising' rebranded. Personalization means that advertisers look at demographics, statistical likelihood, and your personality type (based on your online history often enough) to tailor their advertising to your unique buying behaviour. This is what we're creating when we develop a buyer persona. And, as you may have already guessed, it massively increases the likelihood of you purchasing something from them.

Besides, creating better advertising, buying personas allow you to optimize your spending, further increasing your ROI through accuracy. Additionally, personas allow you to adjust the campaign to the needs of each social media campaign, targeting ideal clients on different channels simultaneously.

Creating your target audience

Defining buyer personas generally starts with basic demographic information and likely behaviours of your buyer (as seen in the very brief list below). However, this is only the beginning.

  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Location,
  • Income level,
  • Education level,
  • Family status,
  • Interests & Hobbies,
  • Lifestyle & Habits,
  • Ideals, Values & Moral Leanings.

If your business targets other businesses (B2B), the persona can include their job title and what industry they work in.

Negative Personas

Consider creating a negative persona to refine your buyer persona further. These personas are defined as non-clients or people who never make a purchase. And it's important because there's little point in spending money advertising to someone who will not buy your product or service.

Peeling back the layers

After you have identified your buyer's persona, you're able to begin answering questions that you've seen many marketing companies ask:

What are their pain points? What is most important to them? Would they rather see a video, picture or text ad?

All of this helps you understand what makes your buyer tick.

Think carefully about the customers shopping behaviours: When and where do they shop? How much is spent on your type of product/service? How often do they purchase similar products/services?

Understanding your ideal clients at this level can become overwhelming, but the better the data, the more effective your campaigns will be.


Developing an accurate buyer persona can make or break your advertising efforts. Understanding a group's traits, characteristics, personality, values, demographics, and expected behaviours allows you to develop personalized and accurate digital marketing campaigns. We highly suggest putting time and effort into creating one for your advertising campaign.

We'll maintain and update your entire digital marketing campaign!

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