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What is a digital marketing funnel?

What is a digital marketing funnel?

Publication Date: Nov 3rd, 2021

A digital marketing funnel is a process that digital marketers use to turn website visitors into leads. The goal at the top of digital marketing funnels is brand awareness, product/service interest, and lead generation. The digital marketer's job is to find prospects interested in your business or industry, engage them with content on social media or paid ads online, and eventually convert these people into leads for their sales team. In short, it's a three-stage process:

  • create awareness
  • generate interest
  • call them to action.

And this applies to organic, unadvertised sales campaigns in addition to paid ad campaigns, such as AdWords.

How does a digital marketing funnel work?

A digital marketing funnel begins with your website. Digital marketers use the content on it to guide prospects through the buying cycle. Most businesses have more than one vertical (service or product), so content often includes different landing pages, with each one fulfilling different search intents. With your content in place and on your website, a digital marketing strategy can be green-lit. The often first step a digital marketer takes is building engagement with people on different social media channels who will hopefully click links back to their website.

What are Social Media Channels?

Channels is what we call different social media platforms. For example, Facebook is a different channel than Instagram despite it being the same company. It's inherited from television channels.

What does Engagement mean?

Engagement in today's terms is creating conversations, not gas-lighting people to buy products like most of the 90s through 2010s.

The content people engage with on their respective channels will link to blog posts, articles, service pages or other CTA's like "buy now." Which one it goes to depends on knowing the kind of buying cycle that particular vertical needs for that particular audience on that channel.

Why do you need to use a digital marketing funnel in your business?

Having digital marketing funnels in place increases the chance of your business selling to people who want what you have.

And since social media is in our face so often and so brutally, social media channels are often a key component to every digital marketing campaign.

Examples of different types of funnels, including sales funnels and lead generation funnels.

One example of a marketing funnel is a standard sales funnel. Its goal is to get people to be aware of your product or service, interested in it and eventually to buy it. They've been around a long time and many businesses today still use them.

Another example of a funnel is a lead generation funnel. The digital marketer's goal, in this case, could be getting people onto email lists, which are then segmented out to their sales teams to be able to pull out hot leads that they're likely to close into deals.

Three tips on how to create an effective funnel for your business.

My first tip is to be patient with your testing phase. A digital marketing funnel takes time to build and test. And testing can not be over-emphasized. It's best to avoid spending thousands of dollars on an untested and underdeveloped campaign.

Be familiar with each social media channel's audience and format. They're all a bit different, catering to other age groups, income levels and engagement types.

Think about who your target audience is. Then, develop a buyer persona and redevelop it for every channel you're using.

We'll maintain and update your entire digital marketing campaign!

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