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why does user experience matter in website design?

UX critically affects the success or failure of your website. If the user finds the website intuitive to navigate and the content easy to digest, it will positively assist your marketing efforts. If not, well...

When it comes down to it, users surf the web to find information about a product or service. This involves them investing some of their limited time and attention. When you’re able to provide an immediate answer to a user while having them invest minimal effort, it's a win-win for both of you.

what factors should i consider when designing a website to maximize my website roi?

Peoples' lack of patience: Users expect to find the information they are after in the shortest time possible. Overly complicated websites require more effort to understand. This causes users to abandon a website immediately, swapping to another. The result is a website with a high bounce rate.

Aesthetics and design: The overall design of the website should display a beautiful layout that's intuitive and easy to navigate. It also needs to contain its information in easy to digest bites, which is done by using proper headings with matching body text. This allows users to scan for relative content and read more details about the information they're after.

Colour: Using smart colour combinations will increase a websites branding. However, designing a website with a good use of colour allows the user to digest the content with ease. Using poor colour choices can make the content difficult to read, resulting in too much effort on the users behalf.

Mobile optimized: Now, more than ever, people turn to their phones to find products and services. This is probably because nearly everyone has a phone connected on them 24/7. Having your website optimized for mobile use is an essential.

Clear actions: You need to make sure that when a user is finished reviewing your content they intuitively know what their next step is (hint: it's usually asking them to buy something). Creating clear actions or next steps will help increase your sales. Here's an example: Do you want them to call you or send an email. Is there more information they need to know about? Create a flow chart to help optimize your website reach its best results.

Measuring the data: The days of publishing a website without maintenance and upkeep are long gone. You will need to continually update your website. Reviewing your site's metrics and traffic will assist in your optimization.

in closing:

Constantly improving your website’s user experience will help your online marketing efforts. If you are unsure of what to do next on your website, feel free to give us a call.

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