Brand Consistency, a few tips.

Brand consistency, a few tips.

The first rule of building a successful brand is to create a unique design style that helps distinguish a company's products or services from its competitors. There’s a second, crucial rule: never change your brand’s style until it’s absolutely necessary.

Brand consistency is an important rule of brand management

The single most important rule of branding is consistency. Now, having a great logo helps, but it's more critical to ensure your brand is consistent across all of its mediums.

Every time someone views your brand, e.g., on a business card, website, or billboard, their brain locks it in to their mind. Repeated exposure to it (website, business card, etc.) makes it increasingly more recognizable. And this is only possible when your brand’s colours, style and tone are consistent across every medium you use. Once your brand is recognizable through constant exposure, and you have a great product or service, then your brand identity nets you an ROI through the trust and loyalty it’s developed.

Stop using a different brand identity on every medium

Here’s the problem I often see with businesses: each design medium looks different from the next. The business card style look different from the website, which also looks different from signage on the door. Each advertisement changes from advertisement to advertisement, and sales collateral looks like it’s mashed together.

So how do you maintain I brand consistency?

Create a set of brand guidelines: Create a set of rules that can be used as a guide when designing anything. This should include the use of your logo size, placement, space around it. The colours that will be used, the fonts, and sizing on each platform. Also, ensure the images you choose match and complement everything.

Designate a brand manager: Place someone in charge of policing your brand identity by following the rules of the brand guideline. Allow them to maintain control of your brand’s consistency and provide them with the power to make changes when necessary.

Partner with a single design agency: This is like having a brand manager working for you without having to put someone in charge. It becomes a relationship where the designers know what your expectations are and how to maintain your standards. You will end up saving money overall because each design for your brand will become second nature to them.

Last thing: Maintaining your brand extends past its design. You need to use the same language online, in print and in person. Right down to the culture of the business. The more effort you put into maintaining your brand consistency, the more you will see a return on your investment.

Portfolio Feature, Logo & Brand Identity Creation, Rock & Roll Driving School

Portfolio Feature:
Brand Identity.
Logo Creation.
Rock & Roll Driving School.

This client already had a clear vision of what they wanted to have incorporated into their logo design, as well how they would like to see the branding applied to their media and promotions. After a brief consultation over the phone, I knew I could knock this design out of the park for them.

The clients outline went a little like this:

a) Incorporate a black vinyl record to utilize the popularity of nostalgia media.
b) Incorporate something vehicular related, like a car or road.
c) Stick the colours use of yellow and black -- street signs.
d) A design that can be used across their entire brand, including business cards, social media and vehicle graphics.

This is how I tied into one clear logo design: I created a road using negative space showcasing a yellow striped road line to ascend upwards into the spinning record. Now, Rock & Roll needed to be fun and expressive. The business logo also needed to be easily seen by someone driving down the road. S, I kept it BIG.

I framed “Driving School” inside a yellow rectangle with an inside pinstripe so it would look more like a road sign. This doubled up as a simple separator from "rock & roll". And that's how we ended up with a clean, breathable logo that could be used across their entire brand.

Rock and Roll Driving School operates out of Port Moody. Please recommend them to anyone you know in need of a driving school.

Rock & Roll Driving school logo design brand identity

Rock & Roll Driving School

Local to:

Port Moody


Portfolio Feature, Brand Identity Creation, Papa Greek

Portfolio Feature:
Brand Identity.
Papa Greek.

The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity for a start-up restaurant chain. The message they want their brand to convey is: high-quality restaurant food given at fast-food speeds. This meant that the they needed a clean, easy-to-identify brand that could be used across their entire offline and online marketing.

Their business name is short. And short names are ideal for Wordmark logo designs. When you look at the logo you can notice two distinctive elements commonly associated within Ancient Greek culture:

1) The Greek Fret or Greek Key, which is a decorative boarder element to create a repeating motif.
2) The Greek alphabet character sigma, which is an uppercase Σ.

We repeated this logo throughout their restaurants as a decorative trim and scroll work. It's also easy integrate across their entire media, on and offline.

Shameless plug: We encourage you to check out PapaGreek anytime you are craving fresh Greek food served quickly at of their 3 locations.

Papagreek | Logo | Brand Identity Creation | Raw Media

Papa Greek


Burnaby: Unit 110, 7515 Market Crossing
Maple Ridge: Unit 670, 22709 Lougheed Hwy
Abbotsford: D120 – 3122 Mt Lehman Rd