16 Jan 2017

Brand Image

Every major corporation around the world has advertising teams and art director’s micromanaging every aspect of their business’s image. The layout of their website, the fonts they pick, the colour and theme of their online and offline advertisements; all of that is scrutinized and crafted to ensure that their brand is portraying the image they want you to see.

Why go through all that trouble? Because they have to. They know that if their image doesn’t sit well with you, odds are you won’t buy their products.

Like the clothes you wear or the way you speak, your brand image has to resonate with your customers; and a consistent image sells. It shows that you’re organized and pay attention to detail.

You’ve seen inconsistent brand imaging done before: Some company starts up and they hire one designer to create a logo, and another to design a website. Later on, they start sending out newsletters that are advertising upcoming specials and begin ordering brochures for their storefront. Neither resembles their logo or website. Nothing looks the same. No single message is being sent out; it’s a collage.

Many small businesses make this mistake, but you don’t have too.
You need consistency. So, make sure the designer you hire offers a full range of services. They should be able to manage all of your existing and future advertising outlets and present them as one consistent image.

So, what does your brand image say about your company?