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Brand Consistency, a few tips.

Brand Consistency,A few tips.Brand consistency The first rule of building a successful brand is to create a unique design style that helps distinguish a company’s products or services from its competitors. There’s a second, crucial rule: never change your brand’s style until it’s absolutely necessary. Brand consistency is an important rule of brand management The […]

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Web site landing pages, a short brief.

Web site landing pages.A short brief.A landing page is what we call a person’s initial point of entry onto your web site. And this initial point of entry is extremely important to online advertisers who are interested in tracking and reporting their successes to their clients. For advertisers, the landing page needs to create enough […]

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Intro to graphic design styles part 4: art deco

Intro to graphic design styles part 4:Art DecoArt deco: a style that screams glamour, luxury, exuberance, modernity.Art Deco is a movement that arose during the 1920s. The performance of infusing everyday objects into art made this style a symbol of modern luxury. It’s incredible popularity, as with any popular movement, influenced many disciplines, including graphic […]

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