04 Aug 2017
Image Credit: Viktor Hanacek

The differences between advertising and marketing.

Many people think advertising and marketing are nearly the same things, often using the words interchangeably. And while the goal of both is to provide an RIO for a product or service, they are quite different.

Advertising is much narrower than marketing. It’s about taking one, specific service, product or brand and advertising it through some paid channel(s) — i.e. AdWords, Bing, Facebook, etc. The goal of advertising is also narrow: to generate more sales.

Marketing, on the other hand, encompasses much more. While it includes advertising at some point, marketing is where an idea is taken, developed, researched and, finally, implemented. Marketing includes everything from discovering your ideal target market, to creating the graphics and copy for the product, brand or service you want to get out into the world. Eventually, most marketing plans include advertising. But, as you can see, advertising is only one piece of the puzzle.