Celebrate your Child's Graduation with a Video Montage for Social Media and personal memories.

This is a limited offer and is first-come-first-serve.

Cost $80 plus taxes
* project completion estimated at 1 Hour per video.
* Music is not included in the price: options available.

How this works

1. You send us between 30 - 40 digital images or Video Clips

30 photos will receive approx 2-seconds per transitions
40 photos will receive approx 1.5-seconds per transition
Video Clips will be edited to show a 2 to 4-second max clip

(Note: If you would like your videos displayed in a particular sequence, please rename them in numerical order)

2. Choose from our opening and closing sequence templates and let us know what colour options you would like to see.

(Note: Custom and original designs are available on-demand and may not be included in the estimated $80 price)

3. Write out your special message. Try to keep it 14 words or less.


Example 2: Jane, we are so proud of what you have accomplished, Love Mom & Dad

4. If you would like to purchase music to play along with the video, you can sign up and download some here.



(Note: We hold no legal responsibility to any music you submit to us to use. We expect you have created the music yourself or have done your due diligence in providing and obtaining royalty-free licensing, or have received the licensing rights of the music you provided)

5. Email [email protected] to place your order.

Please include the following in the email: 

•Photos & video

•Choice of opening & closing sequence designs with colour preferences

•Include the name and special message you would like to include


•There will be an $80 payment before work beginning.

•Please make sure you spell-check all content before submitting as we will not be responsible for any spelling errors.

•If you have special requests, please inform us before the beginning of the project.

•For any questions, please call Customer Support: 604.628.1797