Intro to graphic design styles part 4:
Art Deco

Art deco: a style that screams glamour, luxury, exuberance, modernity.

Art Deco is a movement that arose during the 1920s. The performance of infusing everyday objects into art made this style a symbol of modern luxury. It’s incredible popularity, as with any popular movement, influenced many disciplines, including graphic design, architecture, furniture and fashion. 

Art deco has a prominent feature that is recognizable in any medium: its use of bold, clean lines combined with a streamlined appearance that’s adorned with an ornamental or geometric pattern. In addition, these designs are often paired with strong, contrasting colours.

If you’re looking for a way to create a design that stands out in a bold way within our modern version of advertising, Art deco may be for you.

How to incorporate art deco into your designs

Use bold, clean lines to guide the viewer’s eyes towards a specific direction.

Redesign curves so that they become angular shapes.

Have your shapes represent organic objects.

Use ornamental and geometric patterns to create visually stimulating designs and patterns as a main feature or subtle background.

Use strong, high-contrast colouring not normally found in nature.

For your typography, use tall, thin and uppercase letters with angles; remove the curves.