is web design still in demand in 2020

Is Web Design In Demand In 2020?

Is web design still in demand in 2020? Absolutely. But the ways web designers and developers build websites has evolved.

For example, rather than manually coding every aspect of a website, people have the choice to use CMS (Content Management Systems), like Wordpress, Magenta and Joomla, that feature pre-built themes, theme builders, and plugins (to name a few). And coders like myself (the guy writing this article) uses manual coding and themes, depending on our clients' needs.

So, what is Web Design?

'Web Design' is a pretty jargon-heavy term. And the answer to 'what it is' depends, unfortunately, heavily on who you ask. There is no industry standard definition. Instead, web design is a bit of a catch-all term for various tasks and roles. Many of those roles are mistakenly assigned to them instead of web developers.

Now, we've already written a bit about this in:

But, in brief, web design is the role or process of designing how the website will look once it's live. It includes picking its colours, typography, how the elements will be styled, images, and the web page layout(s). One additional task they do is UX Design; however, some people insist that this role is separate from web design.

I mentioned CMS and the evolution of web design in the introduction. A few years back, CMS was bulky, difficult to learn, and it took substantial effort to design pretty websites. So, they were typically used by niche clients (usually eCommerce websites that listed hundreds of products). CMS has come a long way. There are plenty of themes a person or agency can purchase to use and customize if they fit the needs. However, advanced customization often requires someone who's very familiar with how CMS is coded and how the theme is achieving its effects.