Why is logo design important?

Why is logo design important?
First impressions count:

Whenever I sit down to have a first meeting with a new or potential client, the saying,you never get a second chance to make a first impression, pops up in my mind. Deep down I feel most people understand that on some days we're simply not at our best. But when it comes to business, I feel people aren't as forgiving with their first impressions. I think it's because we don't really have any time to waste. We want to make sure that when we hire a business to solve our problems, it needs to be done right the first time, so, we take our first impression of someone and almost imagine that it was the first task we assigned them -- did they pass, or did they fail?

And that's why I think businesses need to have their shit together so people will have more faith in the idea that they'll get it done right the first time.

You might be asking yourself what does this have to do with logo's?

If you are, here's a straight forward answer: everything.

A logo design provides an instant visual representation.

A professionally designed logo allow us to instantly recognize a business as fast as we can recognize a friend’s face in a crowd of people. So, it's best to make sure you invest in a high-quality logo because it's going to be around for awhile -- 5, 10, even 20+ years for many businesses.

A logo is the Foundation of your brand.

A logo speaks to its target market. When you look at logo design, you take a peek behind the curtains and get a glimpse into what type of business they are. If you like the design, odds are you're their target audience. If they like the design of your logo, odds are they're your target audience too.

A recognizable logo cultivates brand loyalty.

Every time you see a business’ logo, our brains temporal lobe is activated. Our temporal lobe is responsible for the our ability to recognize everything in our world such as faces, objects, etc. Each time we recognize something, dopamine is released. Dopamine's a chemical our body produces as a natural reward system of positive stimuli. This means that each time your business’ logo is seen and is linked with a positive experience people “feel-good”, which is a driving factor in brand loyalty.

The bar is already been set.

People estimate that people are exposed to somewhere between 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. Our new normal is design centric businesses who communicate with us daily with high-end, custom designed advertisements. In order to stand a chance in making an impression in the minds of the public, your design has to be amazing.

How to know when to update your logo

How to know when to update your logo design.

There are many reasons why you need to consider updating your business' logo design. Here are a few reasons that we think are important.

The first reason you want to consider updating your logo: your business has grown.

When your business started, it was young and new to the market place. Years have gone by, and you can see the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get where you are today. Now, looking back, you can see how much your business had shifted over the years to be as successful as it is.

Ask yourself this: does your logo represent what your business has shifted too? If your answer is no, it's time to start thinking about hiring an experienced logo designer.

The second reason you want to consider updating your logo: your market has changed.

We can often lose sight of our business' target audience. The market shifts, interests change, and some companies are left behind. Sometimes, when the market shifts the logo and the brand it represents are no longer in-line with each other. Here's another way of saying it: when the next generation of buyers look at your brand, does it still convey the same authority and trust in the industry that it always had? If not, it's time to consider a new logo design. A logo design that will recapture the new audiences while maintaining your brand's values.

The third reason you want to consider updating your logo: the logo design is outdated.

Just like everything else, a logo design can become outdated too. Now, a logo redesign can be expensive. However, the redesign can reset you ahead of your competition because they're too stuck in their ways to consider change, or it can help you keep up with other people willing to shift and change with the times. We understand that a logo is personal. But business' successfully reinvent themselves all the time. Many times, it breathes no life into the brand's image.

The fourth reason you want to consider updating your logo: your logo is DIY.

Some companies are bootstrapped together from $100 cash and a bit of wiggle room on a credit card. People are always trying to save money wherever they can, so, this is completely understandable. When people save money by designing their own logo, they risk missing the subtle influencing factors that professional designers put into a logo's design. This isn't to say a self-designed logo doesn't look right, but it might not be built properly. Your logo design needs to reflect the logo where your business is. Make sure your logo isn’t holding your business back.

The fifth reason you want to consider updating your logo: your logo has lost an edge over the competition.

This has something in common with reason three. Businesses are popping up and shutting down every day. The marketplace is constantly shifting. And everyone is using every imaginable tool to create a competitive advantage because of it. Ensure your business maintains that cutting edge and never let your competition outshine your business.

You've probably heard this before, but, maintaining your competitive edge never goes away. Knowing and understanding your market place provides you with a massive advantage. Just make sure you update the face of the business once in a while when the market calls for it.

Reach out to us if you're considering a new or updated logo design. We offer free consultations.

We've helped hundreds of clients over the years to find the perfect logo for them for where they are at right now. Just fill out the form below or call us.

Are free logo designs worth it?

Are free logo designs worth it?

Many business owners ask themselves if a free logo design is better than a paid one. This short article will provide you with some information to help you make a more educated decision.

The first thing you realize when you're starting a new business is that costs add up quickly. So, with a limited amount of money to invest into your business, the first instinct is to minimize costs in as many areas as possible until the business' cash flow increases. This is often where the concept of a free or cheap logo designs becomes very tempting. But, after reading this, you may find that spending money upfront is cheaper overall.

Here are a few ways people have their logo designed.

Online Logo Generator: An online logo generator's a simple mix-and-match tool that allows you to sort out a variety of clip art icons and font choices. While the overall effect may be pleasing aesthetically, you don't actually own your design due to copyright laws that favor the logo designer over the logo buyer.

The online logo generator is actually a sales tool designed to entice you to purchase business cards, stationery, etc. The business behind the generator benefits the person who owns the elements of the design. Part of that business involves creating so many options that the odds of someone choosing the same parts and ending up with a similar logo as someone else is considered a coincidence. Although your local competitor can legally select the specific options, you are the one who decided to run with that logo.

Design Contests: Now, while logo design contests aren't necessarily free, they are often low-cost. So, it's worth mentioning. These are plenty of websites that allow you to create a general outline of your business and design goal. Designers then get together and square off, competing with each other to create a logo based on the information you've provided. Only the selected logo designer gets paid at the end. You do get to choose through many designs and styles, and sometimes you can even make a request to alter the design to better suit you.

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

That's because it is.

One problem is that contests hurt designers because only one person receives payment when the design is chosen. So, designers instead end up submitting as many logo variations as possible. In order to submit that many entries daily, designers don't have time to sit down and create a logo specifically for your business'. Instead, they use clip-art libraries to create that logo design. This is similar to how an online logo generator works, and the same problem arises with buying clip art: You don't actually get to own your logo or icon design, just the rights to use the clip art in a limited way. In fact, anyone who wants to purchase and use the same clip-art logo you selected legally can.

Using a Student: Every once in awhile someone mentions to me that they're looking to hire a student to create their logo because they're often cheaper or willing to work for free, and this is usually the rational to justify using the student in the first place. They do this by by citing part of the Nike Logo Swoosh story to me.

Here's how it goes: Nike hired a student to create their logo and paid them around $35 for it. Logically, Nike is MASSIVE, and they didn't need to spend a lot of money on their logo.


Well, let's take an closer look at this: Nike paid $35 in 1971. Which is roughly, $270ca today. They also provided the designer with 500 shares in the company, which has since split to 32000'ish+ shares.

That's definitely not cheap. And most business' aren't very interested in providing designers with shares in their company to offset costs on their logo design.


There are several ways to create a free to low-cost logo design, but the caveat is that you never really own the design -- it's just borrowed.

If you are interested in owning the intellectual property of the logo design, then its in your best interest to hire us because we provide you with intellectual property rights.

And if you're interested in hire another designer, make sure that they're not selling you clip-art that you'll never truly own.

Portfolio Feature, Logo & Brand Identity Creation, Rock & Roll Driving School

Portfolio Feature:
Brand Identity.
Logo Creation.
Rock & Roll Driving School.

This client already had a clear vision of what they wanted to have incorporated into their logo design, as well how they would like to see the branding applied to their media and promotions. After a brief consultation over the phone, I knew I could knock this design out of the park for them.

The clients outline went a little like this:

a) Incorporate a black vinyl record to utilize the popularity of nostalgia media.
b) Incorporate something vehicular related, like a car or road.
c) Stick the colours use of yellow and black -- street signs.
d) A design that can be used across their entire brand, including business cards, social media and vehicle graphics.

This is how I tied into one clear logo design: I created a road using negative space showcasing a yellow striped road line to ascend upwards into the spinning record. Now, Rock & Roll needed to be fun and expressive. The business logo also needed to be easily seen by someone driving down the road. S, I kept it BIG.

I framed “Driving School” inside a yellow rectangle with an inside pinstripe so it would look more like a road sign. This doubled up as a simple separator from "rock & roll". And that's how we ended up with a clean, breathable logo that could be used across their entire brand.

Rock and Roll Driving School operates out of Port Moody. Please recommend them to anyone you know in need of a driving school.

Rock & Roll Driving school logo design brand identity

Rock & Roll Driving School

Local to:

Port Moody

Website: http://rockandrolldrivingschool.ca

Portfolio Feature, Brand Identity Creation, Papa Greek

Portfolio Feature:
Brand Identity.
Papa Greek.

The goal of this project was to create a new brand identity for a start-up restaurant chain. The message they want their brand to convey is: high-quality restaurant food given at fast-food speeds. This meant that the they needed a clean, easy-to-identify brand that could be used across their entire offline and online marketing.

Their business name is short. And short names are ideal for Wordmark logo designs. When you look at the logo you can notice two distinctive elements commonly associated within Ancient Greek culture:

1) The Greek Fret or Greek Key, which is a decorative boarder element to create a repeating motif.
2) The Greek alphabet character sigma, which is an uppercase Σ.

We repeated this logo throughout their restaurants as a decorative trim and scroll work. It's also easy integrate across their entire media, on and offline.

Shameless plug: We encourage you to check out PapaGreek anytime you are craving fresh Greek food served quickly at of their 3 locations.

Papagreek | Logo | Brand Identity Creation | Raw Media

Papa Greek


Burnaby: Unit 110, 7515 Market Crossing
Maple Ridge: Unit 670, 22709 Lougheed Hwy
Abbotsford: D120 – 3122 Mt Lehman Rd

Website: http://papagreek.com

Portfolio Feature, Logo Design, Moore & Russell

Portfolio Feature:
Logo Design.
Moore & Russell.

We updated Moore & Russell’s business (founded in 1963) with a modern logo design and re-brand that could be applied across all their entire media platform. Their primary concern was that the logo lacked visual stimulation. Originally, the logo consisted of the Moore & Russel name in Helvetica Regular font with a single bent-line over top to simulate a roof line.

The clients original original brand identity colour pallet was maintained (blue and black). I adjusted the rooftop line with a shadow-cast across the centre ridge to provide another dimension. This created a two-in-one icon. Additionally, you can make out a 3/4 view of an industrial building that can showcase the growth of the business over the last 50+ years. The name is updated to the font Impact, which brings more attention to it while maintaining the clients original Helvetica font choice inside the lower description bar.

We encourage you to check out Moore & Russel anytime you need an HVAC contractor.

Moore & Russell Logo

Moore & Russell Heating Cooling Designer

Address: 2131 Hartley Ave #101, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Z3

Website: https://mrheating.com

Does your logo scare away clients?

Does your logo scare away clients?

Let’s face it, not all designs are created equal. I’ve designed hundreds of logos over the last 19 years, during which time my thoughts about logo design have evolved. There’s no magic formula that goes into creating the perfect logo, although, there are some fundamental points I consider when I’m designing or redesigning a logo.

Design for your audience.

A logo’s a communication tool. It shouldn’t be created to impress a family member, friend, or self-interests. It should be designed to communicate to a specific group of audience to assist in driving sales. Ages, demographics, locations, interests, incomes, marital status’, values …  aspects like these should always be considered when a logo’s being designed.

Dare to be different.

A logo’s designed to be seen. Avoid appearing like everyone else in your market. If the industry is swaying one way, it can often be in your best interest to go in the other direction. Find a competitive edge, shake it up, expose a niche be unique. It can help you be noticed. But don’t go overboard with creativity. Adding in everything in just for the sake of being unique can also work against you.  

Logos are symbols.

Symbols are a visual representation of an idea or some deeper meaning. Standing out and being different can help you get noticed, but if the symbol doesn’t stand for anything, you might just end up falling short. Depending on your business, your competitive edge might be quality, price, time, status, or any number of other aspects. Whatever’s chosen, it should represent your business, should help attract clients, and be congruent with how you want them to view your business.

Keep it simple.

The more complex a design is, the longer it’ll take for a person to recall it with any accuracy. We’re completely over-saturated with advertising every moment of every day. Logos are everywhere, on everything. And it’s overwhelming, even for us professionals.  I’m sure we can all appreciate a complex composition of music, movie or piece of art. Although, deep down, we really do crave simplicity.

Avoid trends.

Bell bottoms, shoulder pads, big hair, fanny packs, and mullets have all had there 15 minutes of fame and are hopefully gone forever. Graphics and logos have all had their own blunders and faux pas – just think back to MySpace where every site had a bunch of drop shadows, outer glows, or fonts like papyrus and comic sans. These are all things you look back on and cringe. Keep clear of fleeting trends.

Versatility is key.

Logos go on everything. Websites, business cards, clothing, cars, and promotional products. The list is endless. The logo should be able to be screen printed, embroidered, or even faxed. It should be recognizable at small and large sizes. It should look good in black and white as well. And all of the while it should maintain your brand identity and its composure. After all, your logo should be your logo in every situation.


Regardless of how great a logo appears, your logo’s a communication tool. Logos can offer an edge over your competition and leave a lasting mark. Just remember, the buck doesn’t stop there. Every aspect of your business will fall under scrutiny by your competition as well as your clients. Websites, advertisements, marketing, communications: they’re all up for grabs. Protect your investment and you’ll be rewarded.

Now, if you think your logo can use a bit of love, send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.