Logo Design Services

Professionally designed custom
logos for small business owners. 

Creating the right company logo is the first step you take when developing a brand identity. It is put everywhere: your website, business cards, brochures, social media profiles -- even on your car. This means that it is very important to consider what your logo will look like and who it's designed to attract.

Your logo design will set the tone, mood and over-all style of your business. A properly designed logo will target the right audience and put you ahead of businesses who neglect investing into their logo.

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Logo Portfolio Images
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Logo Portfolio Images

Our Logo Design Process
for small businesses

Logo Design Discovery

Using our questionnaire, we take a deep dive into learning about you and your business so we may understand your target audience and create a logo design in a style that will best capture your business identity.

Company Brand Research

We then begin researching your competition so we may understand how they have positioned themselves in the marketplace. This allows us to discover a unique and fresh new approach so you will stand out in your industry.

We Design the Logo

We put pen to paper and begin creating a professional logo designed specifically for you. We present our logo ideas to you.

Feedback-Based Revisions

After you have had some time to view your various types of logo concepts, we address any concerns or questions you may have. We edit and adjust the logo concepts and submit them back for final approval if needed.

We Finalize the logo

We create a digital logo design package once the design has been approved. The contents include the finished logo design in the most common logo formats you need in high quality raster and vector files. We also include the font names included in your design and appropriate colour codes.

Logo Brand Guideline

If your logo is going to be used by different people throughout or outside of your business, we can develop a brand guideline. Please remember to inform us about this and we will include a quote for the outline and example mock up designs your business will require. This includes print layouts, vehicle graphics, digital marketing, etc.

Lets connect and talk about your logo design.

Logo Design

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