Plans starting at $99/mo.


Plans starting at $99/mo.


Use our easy-to-follow content planner

Fill out our forms and we’ll develop your content for your audience with your voice. And if you get stuck, our designer or copywriter will go help create and fine-tune your content.

Select & submit your choice of images

Choose from stock photos or submit your own. Stock photos from sites like are free. Custom illustrations, photography or help purchasing photos are available upon request.

We build & launch your website

Once we have all of your media and content, we’ll design and test your website using our own custom website model. After you’ve reviewed and approved it, we’ll launch your new website.


up to a
5 Page website setup $349

up to a
10 Page website setup $499


99 per month


99 per month


99 per month

Prices do not include domain name registration or taxes. Minimum 12-month service agreement.


Mobile Responsive
Security Updates
Website Support
 Website Hosting

SSL Certificate
Daily Backups
 Offsite Backup
 Cookie Consent

SEO Ready
Schema & Microdata
Malware Protection
 Secure Plugin Management

Built to Grow

We will be there for you as your company grows.

Ticket Support

Always there to help if you need anything.

Convert Visitors

Built- in web forms help you make money.


Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions 604.682.1797

Set Up Fees: Up to a 5-page website is $349*, Up to a 10-page website is $499*

The Basic Plan $99 per month* allows for 2 updates per month**

The Deluxe Plan $169 per month* allows for 4 updates per month**

The Platinum Plan $299 per month* allows for 8 updates per month**

*prices do not include taxes
** Updates will be provided by Raw Media Inc each month with provided content.

Text Content: Must be provided via email, client is responsible for checking grammar, spelling, phone numbers, etc.

Image Content: Client provided images must be from a legal source and not stolen or borrowed from the internet. Recommended they are provided by a photographer, stock photos, or some other professional source. Raw Media will not be responsible if a client’s image is of poor quality, borrowed or stolen without permission. We would be more than happy to answer any questions to ensure the images are of high quality.

Self Updates: Clients will have full administrative access to the WordPress login and may make edits and changes on their own accord. Any support that requires Raw Media Inc. to fix any client mistakes or errors is billed at a rate of $100 per hour not including taxes. Raw Media Inc. reserves the right to waive charges for support at its discretion.

Updates Included: Cosmetic changes, custom functionality, Setting & setup, fixing errors, installing apps, resizing images, changes to content, updating fonts, gallery updates (limited to 50 photos a month), updating employee and contact information, posting blog updates or articles, new pages website pages (limited to 1 a month).

Updates Not Included: Graphic design, Logo design, copywriting, content creation, major redesign, develop a new website, data entry, photography, SEO, advertising, customer service. (these options are available to purchase as needed).

Updates do not roll over from month to month.

Mobile Responsive: A website will be viewable across desktop, tablets, mobile and phone devices.

Security Updates: Raw Media Inc. will insure that all safety and security updates are provided to the client’s website. Some will require a significant amount of time in such case the update will be count towards the clients limited updates.

Website Support: Raw Media Inc. will answer and assist the client with any questions regarding their website in a timely fashion. Weekends and after-hours requests for information will be at the sole discretion of Raw Media.

Website Hosting: is a service that provided the technologies needed for a website to be viewed across the internet.

SSL Certificate: Is a Secure Socket Layer. Standard security for establishing an encrypted link between an internet browser and a web server. It ensures that data passed between browser to website remains private.

Daily Backups: Each day the hosting server will back up the website into a back up folder, there will be approx. 30 backups, one for each day. If required, we will be able to restore to a previous back up. Although some updates my not be active which could require additional work.

Offsite Backup: Similar to daily backups with the exception the data is stored onto a different server encase anything was to happen to the main server there will always be a backup state of the website.

Cookie Consent: is used for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website.

SEO Ready: Search Engine Optimization is a series of techniques using content, meta tags, image quality, etc. to ensure that your website has a higher possibility of ranking on search engines.

Schema & Microdata: is a semantic vocab of tags added to your website to asset in the way search engines read and represent your page content in Search Engine Results Pages.

Malware Protection: short for malicious protection software that is designed to detect computer programs that infiltrate and damage computers without the users consent.

Secure Plugin Management: WordPress websites are a combination of various smaller programs that work in conjunction with each other to do very specific tasks. Each of these programs require updates to maintain the safety and security of your website