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Logo Design.
Moore & Russell.

We updated Moore & Russell’s business (founded in 1963) with a modern logo design and re-brand that could be applied across all their entire media platform. Their primary concern was that the logo lacked visual stimulation. Originally, the logo consisted of the Moore & Russel name in Helvetica Regular font with a single bent-line over top to simulate a roof line.

The clients original original brand identity colour pallet was maintained (blue and black). I adjusted the rooftop line with a shadow-cast across the centre ridge to provide another dimension. This created a two-in-one icon. Additionally, you can make out a 3/4 view of an industrial building that can showcase the growth of the business over the last 50+ years. The name is updated to the font Impact, which brings more attention to it while maintaining the clients original Helvetica font choice inside the lower description bar.

We encourage you to check out Moore & Russel anytime you need an HVAC contractor.

Moore & Russell Logo

Moore & Russell Heating Cooling Designer

Address: 2131 Hartley Ave #101, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Z3

Website: https://mrheating.com