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Vancouver SEO Services

No Contracts. Only White-hat.

Do You Need More Customers?

Our SEO company takes a research-first approach to digital marketing. We will show you how to organically outrank your competitors.

Who Needs SEO?

People who:
  • want to be found on the internet
  • get more online exposure
  • need to increase their website traffic

Why Choose Us?

We get results. Not only that, we provide plain English reports, not vague, wishy-washy analytics that you need a degree in data analysis to understand. We will set time aside to help you understand the data and the results. This way you'll be sure you're receiving exactly what you're paying for.

What Is SEO?

The Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO is a science. It's NOT a guessing game. The choices we make in your keyword selection are backed by lengthy keyword research, competitor analysis, and trend prediction.

What Is SEO Keyword Research?

SEO keyword research is the process of discovering which words provide the best bang for their buck.

Here's a quick example. There are two keywords in the image below: "keyword research" and "seo keyword research". The column next to that represents volume. Volume is an estimate of how many times a word(s) get typed into Google within a given time frame. In this case, it's per month within Canada. SEO Keyword Research.

Search Engine Optimization 1

Now, looking at that you can see that there's a pretty big difference between the two terms. Depending on my goals, I might favour one over the other.

The first step is, as we mentioned above, research. This step is incredibly important because we have to pick the keywords that people are typing into Google, Yelp, or Bing every day.

Our Intuition Is Often Wrong

I know what you're thinking: I know what my keywords are. I know my business in and out, and I know what my customers want.

You might be right. But we always do our research. And in it, we find that our intuitions about what people type into search engines and what people ACTUALLY type into search engines are two different things.

Look at the image below. It's an incredible example of how data and intuition are often at odds:

Search Engine Optimization 2

Most people (marketers!) would argue that a company using the term "repair" would make more money because it's intuitive. That is, if your pipes broke you'd search for "water repair services."

But they'd be wrong.

The keyword data Google provides demonstrates that the search volume associated with "restoration" is way higher than repair.

In fact, it's searched 310 times more per month. That's a lot of lost leads.

What do we do with keywords?

Keyword Monitoring

Once we discover the best keywords for your website, we begin tracking their organic rank. We use your initial position at the time we begin working with you as our baseline, and report back to you monthly/quarterly as needed. This way, we can make sure that our efforts are constantly providing growth.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO is an unfortunate jargon term that people in the industry use without qualifying it. All it means is that the keywords relevant to your growth are placed throughout your website's content. For example, in your h1, h2's, p tags, etc.

SEO Copywriting

Sometimes you don't have the necessary content on hand. In these cases, we provide you with a few different options.

One way's to give you the keywords, and you create or rewrite your content accordingly. Now, we won't just hand you a bunch of words and leave you hanging. We'll set aside some time and look your work over to make sure everything's in all the right spots. We'll also provide you with feedback to improve it if you're open to it.

Another way's to do all of the work for you, including copywriting.

A third way is something in the middle, and we're happy to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

Technical SEO Processes

Writing and keyword monitoring are only two aspects of SEO. Some equally important aspects include page load speed: it needs to be fast. Another's the mark-up that's coded into the website (it goes by the names JSON-LD, OG, or Schema). The mark-up's important because it lets Google know what type of business you are (e.g., a person or organization) and whether your page is an article, product, or service. Soon (but not yet), I imagine Google will be able to discover that for themselves. But, for now, we need to code that information directly into your website.

There are many other technical SEO factors we perform on your website. But I doubt you're interested in reading a bunch of jargon. Instead, feel free to call us if you're interested in knowing more about it all. Coffee on us. You can also check out our blog, where we talk about SEO in depth. It's an ongoing project here at Raw that helps empower people with knowledge.

Our SEO Pricing

If you have any questions or are interested in a custom SEO service package, give us a call at 604.628.1797. We'll gladly answer any questions you have.

SEO Supercharger $1000

One Time Fee

In order for your website to rank well, it will require a competitive analysis, in-depth keyword research, content evaluation, and keyword position tracking.

We'll do that AND provide you with a plain english report and tell you how to implement it all into your website.

 * Price is based one keyword group (10 related keywords).

Basic $500 per month

+ $300 one time setup fee

1 Keyword Group Up to 10 Keywords

Business $1000 per month

+$300 one time setup fee

2 Keyword Groups Up to 25 Keywords 1 monthly articles by us

Business Plus $2000 per month

+$300 one time setup fee

4 Keyword Groups Up to 100 Keywords 2 monthly articles by us

SEO Services List

Full SEO Management
Monthly Statistics
Website Analysis
Competition Analysis
Keyword Research
On-page Changes
Title Tags Optimization
META Tags Optimization
Content Optimization
Internal Linking Optimization
Images Optimization
Robots.txt Creation
Sitemap Creation
Google Search Console Setup
Content Creation
Keyword used in Anchor Text
Social Signals & Bookmarking

Are you interested in our In-House Website Design Services?

  • We design (in-house) and maintain a fully custom designed WordPress website.
  • We will sit down and brainstorm ideas with you.
  • We INCLUDE many of the fundamental SEO aspects of your website in EVERY design we create (call us to find out more about this).

No Contracts

No Cancelation Fees

No Hidden Costs

Get the most out of your website

Give us a call today.


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