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How important are optimized images for SEO on Google? | SEO Tutorials

SEO Tutorials: How important are optimized images for SEO on Google? The short answer is: yes, optimizing your images is an important thing to do because it improves your website’s rank and performance. Google has an article confirming the importance of page speed here. There’s also a tab within Google’s Webmaster Tool that will show […]

A SEO's guide to Google Analytics terms

A SEO’s guide to Google Analytics terms (a brief intro) Google Analytics’ a powerful tool for data-minded people. But if you don’t understand what the individual terms the tool uses mean, you won’t be able to use the data effectively. Now, this isn’t going to be a complete, in-depth article. It’s simply a selection of […]

Missing or empty title tags | SEO Tutorials

Missing or empty title tags.SEO Tutorials A title tag is a HTML element which titles the page (surprise!). This is important because the title is displayed to the user in Google’s SERPs (i.e, search). Without a clear, accurate, targeted title, people won’t click through to your website.   

How to optimize Headers H1 - H6 | SEO Tutorials

How to optimize Headers H1 – H6 | SEO Tutorials Here’s the easiest way to optimize your web page’s header tags: structure them as you would a book, essay or short article. Unsure how to do this?? Here’s some why and how.

How to handle duplicate content | SEO Tutorials

How to handle duplicate content, like duplicate pages, titles & headings.SEO Tutorials The definition of Duplicate Content. Your content’s flagged as duplicate content by search engines when it’s found on other pages within your own domain or found on someone else’s website. I’d also like to add that the content doesn’t need to be identical […]

Is PageRank Important Anymore? | SEO Tutorials

Is PageRank Important Anymore?SEO TutorialsPagerank is formula that Google uses to judge the value of a page. The value of each page is determined by the quantity and quality of the pages linking towards it and and outwards from it. For example, if you have a page on spriggets, and many people are linking to […]