Copywriting, Blog writing, and Content Creation

We are experienced content creators who write with your target your ideal audience and brand tone in mind.

What type of content do we create?

We create content for your entire online and offline presence. Your online presence includes your website, blog posts, and various landing pages. Your offline presence includes writing copy for your sales collateral, such as, posters, brochures, flyers, sales letters and other B2B material.

Content marketing for Social Media.

Creating content for social media is somewhat different than other kinds of digital content creation. For one, the content tends to be shorter in length and built around the limitations different platforms provide. Secondly, most platforms have a specific audience already married to them, so each piece of content needs to heavily consider and be built around that audience.

Are you a writer and only need some light editing?

Our team loves working with other business owners who write their own content. In cases like this, we lightly edit your content for the usual suspects, mainly the grammatical errors that programs like Word often miss. We also provide you with fresh content ideas based on keywords to boost your presence on search engines and ensure your content is relevant to your industry.

Why choose our team of copywriters / content creators?

As far as quality goes: everyone on our team who writes for you has at least a B.A. at an accredited Canadian University. And we also love to write. We love the research that goes into it, we love playing around with the tone and style, and we love writing about something different every day.