eCommerce Website Design

For Small & Medium Sized Businesses Looking To Get Online

If you are a brick and mortar business looking to transition towards or expand your online presence, then you need to talk to us.

Recent events have highlighted how important it is for traditional brick and mortar businesses to maintain their online presence. And your website is often the first place your customers will look to see whether you're open, what time you're open, and what's new with you.

But updating and maintaining your website might not be familiar territory for you.

And this is where we can help.

Flexible Services, Flexible Pricing

We offer a wide range of services, packages, and pricing, including hourly rates, monthly rates, and yearly packages. Or, simply put, it doesn't matter whether we're designing you a new website from scratch, modifying an existing one, or updating your current website for you.

Not-Quite eComm Yet

You might not be ready to start selling online today, but are planning to in the future. We will help you prepare for that transition by providing a road-map outlining each of the steps you'll need to take. For example, what content you'll need to prepare, helping you setup online payment gateways, shipping, etc.

We will also build the website so that it can grow right along with you, minimizing redesign or redevelopment costs in the future.

we're a shopify partner

Shopify for Wordpress or as a stand-alone website.

One of our favorite eComm solutions is Shopify. We design our websites so that they fully integrate with one of the most trusted and popular eCommerce solutions available today. This is because their platform works together with existing Wordpress sites, meaning it's flexible.

That is why we think it's the perfect solution for businesses that are new to eComm, or existing businesses with an already existing website now wanting to sell their products online.

Three ways we can design your Shopify-ready website.

1) We integrate your buy now buttons into one of our custom designed, managed Wordpress websites that we host and fully maintain.

2) We design and style your Shopify hosted website from the ground-up, maintaining and updating the site's design as you grow.

3) A little bit of 1 and 2: this solution is for people who fall somewhere in the middle, not quite stand-alone, not quite fully-integrated. Often, this is an option chosen by people who are growing, in the process of growing, or are dipping their toes into the online marketplace and seeing which solution works best for them.

List as many products as you like.

It doesn't matter which hosting solution you prefer. In either case, you can add as many or as few products as you need. Over time, as your business evolves, we'll redesign your online store to meet your needs.

Begin selling today!

We are here to go over everything with you. Together, we'll sit down go over the pros and cons of running an online marketplace and help you decide what works best for you.