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A lightning-fast, fully-managed & responsive website that highlights your business

responsive web design

A lightning fast, fully managed website that highlights your business

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Establish your online presence

The world has changed. Your online presence is more important than ever. Don't get left behind.

secure, responsive, fully managed websites

Secure, Responsive, Fully Managed

Don't lift a finger. We'll add, update and manage your entire online presence.

scalable, affordable websites

Affordable & scalable websites

We start with where you're at and plan out where you want to go next.


What are you getting?

  • A fully managed website by the experts at Raw Media
  • monthly pricing available
  • updates: unlimited fair-use
  • Access to SEO & Google Analytics to track your site's performance
  • videos and content creation available
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a common question

What is a responsive website?

A responsive site adapts how (and what) content is displayed based on the device you’re using. This is important because we need to make sure that your client sees the websites content correctly regardless of screen size.

A quick example:

Imagine a website with a giant hero image at the top of the page, followed by three columns under.. Each column contains one picture and one product description. Now, in the "fixed" website days, if someone viewed your site on their phone, they would have to "thumb scroll" left-right to see the entire picture and column featuring a product. This was brutal, to say the least.

Responsive websites adapts your content by a) providing a different (smaller) image that fits on your phone and b) "stacks" the 3 columns on top of each other.

Who needs a responsive website?

In today's mobile-ready world, everyone should have a website that caters to mobile and desktop browsing experiences. In fact, I'd argue that every web development agency should always be creating responsive websites. Part of this is due to the growth of mobile browsing, but, in reality, the coding expertise required to design responsive website's is standard across developers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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