13 Mar 2017
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Summary: Neuroscience study finds ads on Pandora outperform TV & radio spots

Short summary: Neuroscience study finds ads on Pandora outperform TV & radio spots

Neuro-Insight (a neuro-marketing company — how cool is that), measured people’s brain activity in real time while they were exposed to ads while listening to their playlists. They found that audio advertisements triggered a better emotional response related to long-term memory (Swant, Marty).

The advertisements played during the Pandora session were:

  • 49% better than advertisements played on the radio
  • 36% better than television commercials
  • 29% better than mobile video ads (like the ones we get on YouTube).

Many advertisers are interested in this because experienced marketers know that brand names that get stuck in long-term memory (think of things like jingles) impact our purchasing decisions.

Want more detail? Read the rest of the article here.

Credit and writer for the original article: Marty Swant

Source: http://www.adweek.com/digital/neuroscience-study-finds-ads-on-pandora-outperform-tv-and-radio-spots/