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Responsive Website Design

We're not here to sell you on our beliefs, or entice you with a bunch of marketing mumbo-jumbo.

We're here to sell you a bloody fantastic website.

You're either one of two people if you're on this page: one of our competitors looking for new ideas, or you're in the market for a new website.

If you're B: give us call. We'll be happy to answer your questions over coffee.

Responsive Websites Starting at $4000

Our websites 100% custom designed and fully-loaded with many features that most other developers try to up-sell you on. Instead, if you want to talk about what we provide, call us.
We'll go to coffee.

(if you do want a list of technical jargon, scroll down)

Financing available.

A responsive website that's ready for desktops & mobile devices.

Many people surf the net on mobile devices --  around 50% give or take. This is why our websites are designed fully responsive.

What is responsive web design?

We're often asked what is responsive web design? A responsive site is one that adapts how (and what) content is displayed based on the device it's being loaded on. This is important because different devices have different screen sizes. So, we need to make sure that when your customer properly sees your websites content regardless of the device they're seeing it on.

We design your site with three user experiences in mind: desktop, tablet and mobile. Now, there is a fair amount of variety in each of those categories, however, the beauty of our responsive websites are in their ability to adapt to all of them.

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A quick example:

Try and imagine your standard website that has a giant image at the top of the page with 3 columns it. Each column contains one picture and a product description. Now, in the "fixed" website days, if someone viewed your site on their phone, they would have to "scroll" left-right to see the entire picture and column featuring a product. This was brutal, to say the least.

Our responsive websites adapt all of your content by a) resizing the image to fit on your phone and b) "stacking" the 3 columns on top of each other. This eliminates all of the left-right scrolling that used to be.

Who needs a responsive website?

In today's mobile-ready world, everyone should have a website that caters to mobile and desktop browsing experiences. In fact, I'd argue that every web development agency should always be creating responsive websites for every one of their clients. Part of this is due to the growth of mobile browsing, but, in reality, the coding expertise required to design responsive website's is standard across developers.

More importantly: a responsive website SHOULDN'T be an up-sell.

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A website is a digital marketing dream.

A website is an online, digital marketing sales associate who's working for you 24/7. When it's done right, it will generate leads and sales for you like nothing else.

What does that mean in plain english? It has the potential to create an incredible ROI.

The user experience comes first.

Here's the technical jargon: a UX design that's done right reduces the bounce rate your website has.

Here's what that really means: When your web pages are user friendly, people are more likely to stick around long enough to find what they're looking for (rather than bailing and visiting a competitor). Which is why we design every element of your page, like your font sizes, colors and the space between things, so that they're easy to read and easy to navigate.

Strategic web development.

We don't simply design your site. We first consider what your short and long term goals are, what assets you currently have (like your logo, brand colors, etc.) and design a smart internet marketing plan around that to keep you on track.

Are you interested in SEO?

  • We will maintain and refine your website as trends change.
  • We will provide you with a competitive analysis.
  • We will discover and track the keywords relevant to your industry.
  • We always follow Google SEO best practices - NO blackhat.

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