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Client Case Study:
Deluxe Board


Deluxe Boards Architectural products manufacture of metal cladding and siding products.


  • Branding & Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Management
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Collateral Design
  • challenges

    The challenge was creating a brand identity from scratch that would reflect their expertise and love for what they do – manufacturing exterior metal cladding and siding.


    A strong visual brand identity showcases a high-quality product homeowners would be proud to have on their homes. Creating a brand that would seamlessly integrate into the marketplace as a strong competitor.

    creating deluxe boards Brand Identity

    Branding & Identity

    A solitary diamond was intended to showcase the quality and strength of the entire product line manufactured by Deluxe Board. The font Proxima is an excellent, modern and personal design that still embodies profound emotional promise. It manages to feel high-end while delivering outstanding functionality without being too feminine or masculine, making it perfect for anyone!

    deluxe board Brand management

    brand management

    It was imperative to create a strong brand identity that maintained its consistency from digital to print media. We've been able to keep our high-quality standard by creating a solid colour palette, logo and typography.

    deluxe board website design

    website design

    Creating a website is the best way to show off your new brand image. Unlike social media, websites allow you full ownership and freedom of promotion on their own without any interference from competitors. Therefore, we needed to incorporate several design elements into our Deluxe site to showcase all aspects of customization they offer in one place.

    deluxe board photography


    Showcasing Deluxe product line and quality would not be achieved using stock photos. Therefore, we made sure the highest quality original photos of their product were a high priority to create a lasting impression.

    deluxe board collatoral design

    collateral design

    Sales collateral is a vital tool when you are looking to leave a lasting impression. Allowing the client to have a positive anchor to a brand and product. We decided to create an 8-page booklet featuring the high-quality photos of the product, the various profiles of soffits & panels, and a detailed colour chart of their painted and printed wood grain options.

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