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Client Case Study: Roosters Country Cabaret


For over 20 years Roosters Country Cabaret was the number one country bar in throughout the Lower Mainland. It featured live music, bull riding, and B.C.'s Largest Dance floor.


  • Branding & Identity
  • Brand Management
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Food & Drink Sales
  • Advertising
  • Collateral Design
  • Merchandise Showcase Design
  • Marketing Partnerships


Help Roosters update their brand identity, change their public appearance, and increase their sales.


An exponential increase in guests, food and drink sales.

proof in the numbers

  • Sales increase: 3x
  • Food Sales increase: 5x
  • Weekly guests increase: 2x
  • Website visitor increase: 10x
  • Social Media Following increase:2x

Roosters was an older establishment. During our discovery we agreed that their brand image, overall, was outdated. It had an stigma of being a wild and rowdy establishment. So, we needed to appeal to a larger audience and reshape their public image to increase sales. We overhauled their digital presence, update communications across all of their media channels, such as radio and print, and redesigned their print collateral/merchandise displays.

Adjusting Roosters Brand Identity

Branding & Identity

This long-standing brand had over a decade of recognition behind it. However, to reshape the image, we needed to start fresh. It needed to maintain it's classic country vibe, but one with a modern twist. The designs needed to be simple, clean and bold. It also needed to remain recognizable, standing out from their competitors.

Adjusting Roosters Brand management

brand management

After years of various people filling in roles of designs, social media, promotions, etc., there was a lack of brand consistency. We immediately took control of all communications and managed the brand assets. This allowed us to updated the public image while exposing the target audience to a new core message of being a friendly and safe environment.

Roosters website design

website design

We saw a 10x increase in website traffic after the launch. Creating a brand new website allowed us to leverage the brands new image. Unlike social media, a website enables you to take full ownership of your brand and promote yourself freely without any competitors interference. We needed to incorporate features to draw the profitable local audience back to the website on a returning basis. We achieved this by consistent fresh content updates in regular intervals, the ability to purchase event tickets and book reservations all online.

Roosters photography


Photos helped reinforce the venue's image as a safe place to enjoy a night out. We provided free shareable watermarked assets people would openly share and engage with across social media. Each week we captured highlights of the venue, staff, and patrons which became an immediate success. Boosting the number of nightly guests and refreshing slower nights to become successful. As well, photography became the best way to showcase the venue's food and drinks.

Roosters website design

social media management

We were responsible for Roosters Facebook audience growth by 54%, being so efficient that the audience is still growing monthly even after being closed. The increase was a result of delivering quality content people wanted to engage and share. Limit the amount of spam-like advertising a lot of establishments fall victim to, and developing a strong paid advertising audience.

Roosters food and drink

food & drink sales

Drinks saw a 3x increase in sales, and Food sales increased by 5x

We created an in-house advertising campaign using posters, large signage, and tabletop ads to increase product awareness. Food was photographed and promoted, while drinks received a unique name and branding matching the country theme.

Roosters advertising


Using a $100 ad-spend, we could see earnings above $40k a night in sales. Through split testing and metrics, we built a highly efficient advertising audience. Upholding the brands identity, we were responsible for writing all ad-copy across radio, print, and social media.

Roosters design

collateral design

We maintained the brands cohesiveness and consistency by being responsible for creating and designing both digital and print collateral. As well as managing the production and printing of media, including posters, menus, table tents, bathroom ads, banners, VIP cards, event tickets, the list goes on.

Roosters pickle jack shack

showcase design

To help promote various brands or specialty beverages. We would design and build installation pieces. Some installations included a 40& Pilsner wall or the Jack Daniels Pickle Jack Shack. The Pickle Jack Shack had its own custom menu and signage, a custom character design of Dr. Pickle, who promoted the importance of pickle juice, and an 8' long giant 3D printed foam pickle, which hung from the ceiling to draw attention to the drink shack.

Roosters partnerships and promotions

marketing partnerships

We worked in partnership with various brand reps, lowing costs on both sides to promote brand advertising, often through hosting select event/theme parties throughout the year, such as Halloween, St. Patrick Day, Cinco De Mayo, etc. Each event received custom-designed graphics & marketing materials both on and offline. We would also bring in unique live acts example: fire eaters & contortionists, for a circus-themed event.

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